It's about helping others


E2 Hustle is all about connecting entrepreneurs and sharing their stories, experience, failures, and other words of wisdom.  The goal is simple, help entrepreneurs move their business and personal lives forward by sharing perspective with others. If listeners can just get a couple of new ideas or gain a new perspective and maybe a laugh or two, I feel the show has done its job.

Our guests come from a wide range of experience, industry and background and find themselves at different stages in their business lifecycles. No matter how young or old, experienced or new startups, everyone brings new ideas and great reminders for fellow entrepreneurs.

All my life I’ve been fascinated with starting new things and how businesses work.  Whether it was lemonade as a kid, pizza and t-shirts in college or getting creative in corporate America, my passion has always about creativity, getting my hustle on and doing whatever I needed to make things happen.  For the past 20 years, I have been an entrepreneur working in technology and real estate investment.  I’ve started over 10 business, some did well, some were sold and some crashed and burned.  I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, continuing education, community and connecting people together.  The greatest success for me is paying it forward.

I hope you enjoy the show and I encourage you to offer feedback that will likely lead to my next pivot.  Enjoy the show! 

-Ben Rao

P.S. Life’s is too short, do what you love and don’t take life too serious